Suffolk County Community College Alumni Association

Mission Statement:

To enhance the well being of our student body, alumni, faculty, college and community by providing scholarships and establishing various social, athletic, cultural, economic and fund-raising events.

Suffolk County Community College, Alumni Relations

The Cottage – 533 College Road, Selden, NY 11784

Phone (631) 451-4941



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Access to A Balanced Learning Experience Alumni

“Be the change you want to see”

Are you AABLE?

Access: AABLE is committed to creating an all access environment of equality and inclusion for all students.

Balance: AABLE welcomes the individuality of all in order to create a balanced education learned from each other’s experience.

Learning: AABLE acknowledges the truth that every experience is an opportunity to learn.

Experience: AABLE believes that every life experience is a key component that makes us who we are.

The purpose of AABLE is to provide students with an environment where they are free to discuss the challenges that confront them in order to promote a wide range of solutions. AABLE is founded on principles of equality, advocacy, inclusion, and justice for all.

  • Network with like minded people
  • Share your experience
  • Create an atmosphere of understanding
  • Future Career contacts
  • Strategic Problem Solving
  • Create a path for success

We encourage alumni to stay connected and share your Suffolk experience!


One thought on “About

  1. As the Adviser of the AABLE club and the original founder along Meesha Johnson the Founding President. We welcome all able students to join us. As mentioned in our mission the purpose of this club is not only to provide student with an educational environment that is balanced and accessible to be a place for students to share, collaborate and fellowship with their peers. We are doing some exciting things this year and hope that you will join and support our up coming events. I will post them on this site.

    Dr. Michelle Fowler


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